Balt'Amour carries some of the greatest bloodlines in the world. They include:
Alla'Czar-Zeus-Marco Polo-Columbus-Condino-Calypso I & II-Cor de la Bryere-Ariadus-Accord II-
Ahorn-Alme Z-Ibrahim-Ferro-Farnese-Cheenook-Caretino-Caletto II-LandgrafI-Lurioso-Furioso-Rigoletto-
Ramiro Z-Ramzes-Condino-Ladykiller-Consul-Cottage Son-Donauwind



 Balt'Amours mother "Papi" epitomizes the modern sporthorse. Refined and typey, yet with substantial bone, Papi is a graceful and powerful mover with the athleticism and disposition to take her to the top of her sport. Her jump is technically pure perfection with abundant scope and a careful approach that consistently leaves rails in the cups. Main Mare Book Premium Holsteiner and Premium BWP.

Balt'Amours' sire is a nice quiet stallion with good movement and jumping style. Best of all, he is by the outstanding sire Alla'Czar.



USEF's Hunter Breeding Sire of the Year for FIVE YEARS in a row. 2002-2006
ALLA' CZAR is an imported 16.3 hand bay sabino (a color characteristic exhibiting roaning, high irregular whites, white hairs in the tail, white under the chin, etc) Dutch Warmblood. This ZEUS/MARCO POLO  breeding combines two of the most successful and  popular jumping lines in  Europe. Alla'Czar is a proven competitor. During the late ‘80’s and early ‘90’s ‘Czar was shown successfully at top "A" circuit shows in CA.  He was consistently in the top ribbons, winning many Championships and Reserves in Pre-Green through 1st and 2nd Year Green Hunter and then moving into the Equitation Divisions. ‘Czar also had a career in the Dressage Arena competing through Prix St. George with scores in the mid 60’s. 


 Ariadus is now ranked 3rd by USEF for Jumper Sires
Balt'Amours mother's sire has super temperament combined with absolutely correct conformation. He is a 16.3 H Holsteiner stallion who was 4th at the 1995 stallion approvals in Neumunster. He is a Premium rated stallion with 54 bonits. Ariadus is by the foundation stallion Accord II. (See below) It is also important to consider Ariadus's granddam Folia. This outstanding and famous mare produced five stallion sons, including the foundation sire Capitol I. Corrado is a Capitol I grandson. Ariadus is out of a 48-bonit States Premium Latus II-Laertes mare who is linebred to one of the foundation jumping sire of Holstein, Ladykiller.  His pedigree is rounded out by two legendary mares... Folia, the dam of the Holsteiner legend Capitol, and Heureka Z, the foundation broodmare of the Zangersheide stud.  While Heureka Z was one of the most successful international competitors of her time, she is best known as the grand-dam of the "show jumping horse of the century" Ratina Z.  Through her stallion sons and daughters, Heureka Z has created a dynasty of showjumpers.

La Laureate

Balt'Amours' grandmother on the mare side is one of the sweetest, most sensitive horses we have ever known. Fabulous mover and jumper, brave and willing. Produced a Main Mare book Premium daughter before starting her Dressage career. Upon purchase by Marabet Farm, she began training over jumps and was successfully doing 3'6 courses in two weeks. Main Mare Book Holsteiner, Premium Oldenburg GOV, RPSI and ISR/Oldenburg NA.  La Laureate (Lexi) received 46 bonits and premium status from the AHHA in 2000.


La Laureate

Alla' Czar is sired by Zeus whose progeny have won almost 5 million EU to date, making Zeus a paramount producer of show jumpers. Zeus was one of the most sought after sires of show jumpers in Europe.

La Laureate's mother, Lilly, was Champion at Dressage at Devon 2 years in a row, is the mother of the approved Trakehner stallion Larazzi (v. Enrico Caruso) and has a full sister who also produced an approved stallion, the Trakehner Libikus (v. Kaspareit).  Lexi's grand-dam, the Exceptional Trakehner mare, Libella V, is the imported foundation mare of US Olympic Dressage rider Hilda Gurney's breeding program.  The mother to a dozen foals, Libella V is the mother of Ms. Gurney's former Grand Prix mounts Lavinia (v. Condus) and Leonidas (v. Condus) and the dam or grand dam of several approved stallions and successful FEI level competition horses.  Libella V's mark on performance breeding in the United States is without question.

Lilly with a baby Lexi


La Laureate, is by the notable Caretino son, Cheenook (Caretino-Romantiker (Ramiro Z)). Cheenook (see video link below) was a prolific Grand Prix dressage horse with progeny well represented in all regions of Germany in both the jumper ring and dressage court. He was touted as being even more gifted than the great Holsteiner Corlandus, the 2- time world champion dressage horse and Olympic individual silver medallist. But like any good Holsteiner, Cheenook was equally talented as a jumping sire. In Europe, he had a jumping index of 157 (2006) and in the US, he was the #1 USEF Leading Hunter Sire (2007).

click here to download Cheenook video.


Calypso II

Calypso II has been one of the most important sires in both Holstein and Hannover where he bred international competitors, and influential breeding stallions. It was Calypso II who introduced the Cor de la Bryère blood to Hannover, ushering in a new era of Hannoverian jumping breeding.
He was stationed in Holstein until 1986, and then he was leased by the State Stud Celle from 1987 to 1989. From 1990 until his death from colic, in 1995, he stood at the Amselhof Walle, the stud owned by Joachim Kemmer, father of dressage rider, Heike.
Calypso II’s dam, Tabelle produced SIX approved stallions, starting with one by Congress, then when bred to Cor de la Bryère, the five Calypso brothers ­ all of whom were useful horses and valuable sires. Tabelle is a full-sister to Samei, who was the dam of the great Granat, a world champion dressage horse with Christine Stückelberger.
Calypso II produced a number of international performers including Calyno, Chin Chin, Cheyenne, Crazy Cocktail, Montemorelos la Silla, Caras J, Dobel’s Cara Mia, Asien, Cartier S, Capella 3, Champ of Class and Zarina de San Patrignano. During his time in Holstein, Calypso II produced a number of licensed sons for Hannover: Contender
, Corlando, Classiker, Chasseur I & II, Champ of Class, Cardano, Carismo (stallion performance test winner) and Compliment.
All Calypso II progeny show not only great jumping form, but also a wonderful rideability. He produced winners of one and a half million deutschmarks, with 557 competitors.On the basis of the Hanoverian mare tests, Calypso II achieves a dressage ranking of 131, and a jumping ranking of 167. His breeding index on the basis of his competition horses is 132 for dressage and 150 for jumping.

Acord II easily won his 100-Day performance test in 1991, scoring 9.5 to 10 for showjumping, and 9 to 9.67 for rideability. He received a "9" on type and "8's" on both front and hind legs; a score seldom seen. His overall score was 146.04 scoring 138.26 in dressage and 148.47 in jumping.  Acord II has produced more than 40 stallion sons, one of the more famous is Broere VDL Atlantic, who was the Six Year Old Jumping Champion at the 1999 Bundeschampionate with Ulrich Kirchhoff.   As of 2003,  Acord II produced 60 dressage competitors and 404 jumpers (52 to advanced level) for winnings of  736,475 euros.  Acord II’s entry in the Hanoverian Studbook includes the comment: "His first foals are impressive with a strong, correct conformation and above average floating movements." Accord II is widely regarded as an important contributor in Europe. He was the leading sire for mares bred in Germany after winning many important shows.

Accord II

Ahorn Z

The 1979 16.3H Bay Hannoverian Stallion, Ahorn Z was a large framed bay stallion with good presence & topline. He had a beautiful face,
 slim riding horse neck, good shoulder, wither, & croup connection. Good mover & great jumper through tight front end.
Ahorn became an international jumping legend with the Dutch team competing in many World Cups & Grand Prixs. He was approved by most German breeding registries & sired among others the famous Acord brothers, Acord I, II & III. His offspring are often of his type an size. They have beautiful haunches & are good movers that show great jumping ability.
"Ahorn Z transmits courage, determined character & sincere force and structure without removing class" Breeding Manager M.J. Hell
Ahorn Z was approved in 1981 with: Total Bonits: 52, Type: 8, Topline: 8, Front Legs: 8, Hind Legs: 7, Walk: 7, Trot: 7,Canter: 7

Ahorn Z


  Caretino (1983) completed is Stallion Performance Test in 1986, scoring 132.18 placing him 3rd out of 52. He scored 116.96(11) for rideability and 144.91(2) for jumping ability. Total Bonits: 54; Type: 9 - Topline: 8 - Front Legs: 8 - Hind Legs: 7 - Walk: 6 - Trot: 8 - Canter: 8
He was a handsomely made, big framed stallion with good lines and good head. He was a long loose mover combining regularity and balance. Powerful immediate drive from the haunches. Exceptional jumping ability.
  Caretino is one of Germany's top stallions, stood at Stamm 826, producing horses that excel in both the dressage and jumper rings. He has more than 100 offspring in sport that are known for their astonishing movement and jumping ability. Caretino has 21 approved sons and 114 daughters, of which 12 are German State Premium. In dressage Caretino has proven himself as well with the approved sons Cheenook, Carpaccio and Cockney who are considered some of the best movers ever to have entered the sport.
  In his early competitions he won the 1988 Holstein State Show Jumping Championship that, in turn, qualified him for the Federal German Championships in Mannheim which he won. Shortly afterwards he became a successful international jumper with rider Bo Kristoffersen. Their efforts included 40 placings in national and international competition and, as part of the Danish Nation's Cup team at Gera. By 2001 12 of Caretino's offspring had competed at the international level including AK Caridor Z (Jos Lansink), Crocodile Dandy (Alison Firestone), Toyzrus (Jill Henselwood) and Ballerina 124 (Marcus Merschformann). Most recently, Merschformann's son Camirez won the 2001 Hamburg Derby, one of the most demanding events on the international circuit.



Approved at the 1974 Neumünster inspections, Blitzwind stood in Germany for M. Arlt until 1976 where he sired 39 foals including 9 German stud book mares and one States Premium Mare. He then moved on to Holland to stand for E. Holländer until 1979. In May of 1979 he was imported to North America by Penmerryl Farm where he stood until 1982. From 1982 until 1990 he stood in British Columbia for Kathy Harrison who also showed him successfully at FEI Level dressage. Finally in Oct 1990 he arrived at Diane Means' Covenant Farm in California and remained there until his death in 1994.Comments from German Trakehner Stallion Book: Large-framed, harmonious, strong, with good overall type; strong muscles everywhere on his body; strong foundation.


Cor de la Bryere

What can one say about the legendary "Corde?" His impact on Holsteiner [and Oldenburg] breeding will be felt for generations to come. He was the 1971 Champion of his stallion 100-day test approval. At his death, he had 85 approved sons, and 65 States Premium daughters, as well as countless approved grandsons and great-grandsons. Holsteiner breeders world-wide mourn the loss of the great "Corde." His impact on modern warmblood breeding will continue to be felt for decades to come. Corde is probably one of the most famous and influential half-Thoroughbred stallions in Holsteiner breeding (second only to Landgraf I).

Corde's progeny gained influence in all German breeds. He established many sibling stallion dynasties such as the famous "Calypso" family (I-V), the "Corrado" family (I and II) and the "Caletto" family (I-III) of stallions.  Corde was famous for putting his amazing jumping bascule on his offspring. Corde is credited with improving the jumping technique in the modern Holsteiner.


Cor de la Bryere

Alme Z

Calypso I had a smooth, harmonious top-line with a well carried neck and lots of expression. Beautiful shoulder and wither. Strong bone, correct legs and feet with high set on hocks. He had well defined joints and was a marvellous mover.
He consistently passed on his best qualities to all of his offspring. His offspring have elegant Calypso type and are endowed with fabulous basic gaits with fantastic trot and all show extraordinary jumping ability. His offspring are correct and elastic with scope as dressage horses and jumpers.
Calypso I produced 10 approved sons and 147 approved daughters. Calypso I was himself approved in 1975.

Calypso I

The ride behind the ribbon begins with the bloodlines behind the dream.