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These are truly products that REALLY work! We use all of them and have seen great results. Give them a try!!! Tell them Maggie sent you! 561-307-1010 or 800-868-1077.
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Fabulous software program that will change your equine record keeping life! Simple to use! Customers can be set up to view their own horse if you want. Emloyees can add info. Best of all a new breeding section is in the works! Can be viewed on your computer or on your smart phone and no matter where you input your data all of it syncs! Be sure to try it! 


This stuff works! I highly reccomend it for new borns ans any horse with digestive issues!
Special extreme discount if you call Caitlyn @ 610-246-2073 and tell her you are part of Maggie's GlycoGuard Co-op. 


Carol Austin is the best broker of frozen semen in the US bar none! The largest selection and the most knowledgeable person to talk to about the correct choices for your mare. She has seen most of the stallions that she carries in person. Give her a call at 877-833-1666 or 509-838-9922. Click on her logo to go to her website.


BoneKare is a new product to the US but it has been used extensively in Europe and Australia for ten years. It is a patented formula of Vitamin K that has been proven to increase the strength of bones in adult horses, prevent OCD's, etc in gestating foals when fed to the broodmares and actually will shrink existing OCD's in young horses. I have put it to the test myself and have asked a few breeder friends to try it and we are all thrilled with the results. I'm happy to be representing this product to breeders so if you are interested in more info or want to try some please call me at 561-248-8885.

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